Real Steel

Okay, so everyone knows that I love a good movie trailer. Well, awhile back I watched this trailer for a movie called Real Steel.


My first reaction was a simple Eh. I mean, I know Hollywood's getting desperate to come up with more original movies, but just how high were those movie executives when they decided they should buy the movie rights to Rock'em Sock'em Robots?

But then, just last week, they released the second trailer to Real Steel.


Now this is very important -- if you haven't watched both trailers yet, please do so. I'll wait. Back? Okay, did you notice something odd? Like how the trailers show two completely different movies? The first one doesn't even mention a kid. In fact, the kid's only seen briefly in the background for a second or two. And then, the second trailer comes along, and suddenly this movie focuses on the kid and Hugh Jackman creating a Rocky-type Rock'em Sock'em Robot. Obviously the kid factor was there all along, but I'm thinking that initial reaction was negative toward the film, so those film executives decided it was best to push the kid angle and show this as not just an action movie, but a family movie (and, of course, they pretty much showed the entire movie in the trailer).

Now I don't know about anybody else, but if I were a Hollywood executive, I would totally snap up the movie rights to this classic:

Or, better yet, a guaranteed blockbuster featuring these hungry hungry herbivorous mammals: