The Hits Keep On Coming

So earlier this week Barry Eisler gave up half a million dollars to self-publish, and Amanda Hocking accepted a two-million dollar deal with St. Martin's (the same company that Eisler is now turning his back on). And if that wasn't enough, Scribner has acquired the rights to publish a book based on the profanity-laced Twitter feed written by a fake Rahm Emanuel, later revealed to be Dan Sinker. Now there will be some who will throw a temper tantrum about this deal, just like they did when Justin Halpern signed with HarperCollins for a book based on his Twitter feed or when Snooki got her book deal. The outrage that such a thing could occur. Me, I've become indifferent. In fact, at this point I'm shocked when a celebrity doesn't publish a book. And I don't know much about the fake Rahm Emanuel twitter feed other than what I saw on The Colbert Report, and if it's going to be anything like that, I have to admit it looks funny. Check it out.

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Dan Sinker
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