The Truth About Book Signings

I had something completely different planned to post for this week's Freaky Friday Fun. But just a few minutes before I did so, Kevin J. Anderson posted this great video on Facebook and I knew I just had to share it (see, Facebook does have a purpose after all). Book signings are interesting things. Unless you're super mega famous, not many people are interested. Not unless you have a healthy following of fans who will drive hours to see you for a few minutes. That must be nice. But for the rest of us?

When I initially planned on doing events for the anthology's release, it was specifically for New York and Los Angeles, and it was specifically for the contributors who could attend. Because let's be honest -- nobody wants to come see the editor of an anthology, not unless that editor also happens to be super mega famous. So that's why I'm not even going to attempt something at my local bookstore for just little old me. Maybe have a little release party at a coffee shop or something along those lines, more of a get together with family and friends, but not in a Barnes & Noble where I'm sitting by myself at a table, forcing a smile at each person that walks with their eyes adverted like I'm not even there. Don't believe me? The video below by author Parnell Hall shows the nasty and sad truth about book signings. Have a great weekend.