The Worst Board Game Ever

So there's this board game called Quelf, whose name unfortunately sounds very similar to a certain type of flatulence, and I'm going to make the bold statement right here and now that it is probably one of the worst board games ever. Why?

Well because, no thanks to Hulu Plus, I have been subjected several times to this commercial:


Now, as you can see from the commercial, Quelf appears to be the craziest and most super fun game every created. Like, super super super crazy fun. Like, so friggin fun it makes you want to tear your eyes out. I mean, honestly, even if a group of people are drunk (notice how there are no beer bottles strewn around the room, or even random drugs), how can they possibly have that level of excitement for a stupid board game? And not only that, did you notice the people standing in the background, apparently so entranced and amused by the Quelf players? Seriously, who goes to a party and just stands around and watches other people have the time of their life playing a board game? Or is this apparently a thing now? Do people really go crazy over board games? If that's the case, please oh please never invite me over to your party. I might just end up tearing my eyes out. Then again, that's probably more appealing then playing Quelf.