Walk The Sky Notes

I wrote a piece about collaborating with David B. Silva on Walk the Sky that Brian Keene was kind enough to post on his website. Steve Umstead invited me to talk about Walk the Sky and Westerns in general at his blog, where I'm also offering up five free copies of the book if you participate in the comments section.

Four copies of the paperback are up for grabs via Goodreads.

The book hasn't even been out a week and already it's cracked the Kindle top 100 for horror. As I write this, it's currently #67, but that's likely to change in the next hour. Fingers crossed that the ranking will go up, but more than likely it won't. Still, thanks so much to everyone who's purchased a copy so far. You're the best. I really wish Dave was still alive to see this. I'm sure he would be thrilled.