And Now The Waiting Begins

A big thanks to everyone who helped spread the word and who entered the Hint Fiction Contest. I tallied up the eligible entries and there are just over 350! (In retrospect, last year for the first contest we received a little over 200.)

Last year Gay Degani and I worked very hard to narrow down the top 20 finalists for inclusion in the anthology. This year the process should be a little easier, as I'll simply choose what I feel are the top 10 or 12 stories and send those to James Frey. Once he makes his decision, the winners and finalists will be contacted by e-mail and will announced here (as well as the random winners for copies of Sudden Fiction Latino). This might be next week, it might be a little longer. Keep checking back here periodically, or stay up to date by following Hint Fiction on either Twitter or Facebook. Thanks again!