Only Resolutions & Freaky Friday Fun

So my New Year's post is a bit late, but as you saw from the previous entry, I had a good excuse. Anyway, my thoughts on New Year's resolutions should be no shock to anyone who's familiar with this blog: What's the point? Why wait an entire year to make resolutions that won't last more than a month or two? If you fail in your resolution, start again next week, or next month. Don't use it as an excuse to be lazy and just say to yourself: I'll try again next year. I'm being a bit hardheaded about it, yes, but the truth is New Year's resolutions are nothing more than goals. We all should have goals. Without goals, there would be no reason to live. But, as Joe Konrath constantly points out, it's important to have realistic goals. Meaning I won't make one of my goals I'm going to sell a novel this year, because I have no control over whether or not that happens. I've come close a couple of times to selling a novel, but as they always say, close does not win the race. So yes, an eventual goal is to sell a novel, but how does that happen? Why, by writing one! That is, after all, within my control. I'm finishing up a new novel now (on the home stretch), so my realistic goal for this year is to at least write another novel. That's easy enough. Could I shoot for two? Maybe, but I have some other projects in mind right now that I don't want to overburden myself with wishful thinking.

So ... yeah, that's about that. If you haven't seen it yet, Barry Graham posted a slew of resolutions over at the Dogzplot blog. You'll find my little entry at the very end.

Finally, a number of writers do a Friday Flash Fiction kind of thing on their blogs. I applaud them for their consistency and dedication. Me, I'm just too lazy to do that, so every Friday this year I think I'll post some bizarre video from the week (or a bizarre video that I've come across). Call it Freaky Friday Fun ... or not. I'll post a new video every Friday until either I become bored with it or ... well, until I become bored with it. Because let's face it -- there will always be some bizarro news happening in the world. Here's the first one in case you haven't seen it yet. A woman goes berserko at McDonald's. Apparently she had an issue with a bad burger. At least that's the official word. Personally, I think she got a crappy toy in her Happy Meal and wanted to switch it and they said no. (Don't adjust your volume; there is no sound.) Enjoy.