3 For $3 Sale

So what goodies did everyone get for Christmas? I got some pretty good stuff. Like this clock from my parents:

Judging by the buzz on the Internet, one of the major gifts this year were e-readers. A Kindle, Nook, even an iPad -- some kind of e-reading device. So I thought it would be a swell idea to lower the price of my three e-books to 99 cents each at Amazon and Smashwords (sorry, Nook owners, B&N took way too long to upload this time around but you could always purchase the epub from Smashwords and transfer it to your Nook). Here are the details.

In Solemn Shades of Endless Night is a 14,000-word story about a man trapped in perpetual Halloween night who must make the ultimate choice: to save himself or the world.

“Halloween night. A battle between good and evil, darkness and light. The blurring of reality. A touch of trust and betrayal. The burden of the past on present and future generations. Robert Swartwood’s In Solemn Shades of Endless Night has it all. A classic Halloween tale that will keep you turning the pages.”

— David B. Silva, author of The Shadows of Kingston Mills

A young man finds a mysterious silver ring that holds extraordinary powers -- a ring that the darkest evil in the universe wants for its very own.

This edition contains a bonus short story.

“Robert Swartwood’s The Silver Ring is a full-tilt no-holds-barred bobsled of a ride, absolutely engaging and a hundred percent fun. If this one doesn’t grab you, it’s time to up your Ritalin.”

— Joe Schreiber, author of Chasing the Dead and No Doors, No Windows

Josh wakes up one morning to find his ten-year-old brother filling in a grave in the backyard. From there, the day just gets worse.

This edition contains the original 10,000-word novelette, a 3,000-word alternate ending, and two bonus short stories of pulpy horror goodness.

So yeah, this deal isn't really 3 for $3 as much as it is 3 for $2.97, but I just thought the former sounds better. This offer is only good until the end of the year when the prices go back to $1.99. Enjoy!