I just got a friend request on Facebook with this message (the XXX's are to help protect the guilty):

We have a lot of friends and interests in common, so I thought I'd shoot you an add. I'm a writer and art director in XXX. Hope all is well. Peace, XXX.

Nice, no? Thing is, I was already friends with this person but unfriended them after continuously ignoring the invites to join this particular writer's self-made fan page (invite me once or twice, fine, but more than a half dozen and it gets ridiculous). Now this person wants to be my friend again, wants to "connect," but doesn't seem to remember the simple fact that we had already been "friends." Hmm, how can that be? Oh yes, maybe because this particular person currently has 4,380 "friends." Well, I personally think that's more than enough for right now, thanks.