Always A Groomsman, Never A Groom

The results are in for the 3rd Annual Micro Award, and my story "Phantom Energy" -- which originally appeared in Wigleaf -- was a finalist. Last year I was nominated for my story "Between the Keys," which appeared in elimae. From what I'm told, no other author has ever received a second Micro Award nomination ... though, this being the third year, I'm sure that will change quickly, but as they say, it's just nice to be nominated. It's good to see online friends Ravi Mangla and Erin Fitzgerald nominated as well for their stories, both which appeared in PANK (read Ravi's story here and Erin's story here -- you need to scroll down to the last one). Actually, speaking of PANK, it along with decomP had two stories each that were nominated. Both great publications that you should of course be reading regularly.

The winner of this year's Micro Award was “The Children’s Factory” by Michael Stewart that appeared in issue 2 of Birkensnake. You can read that story here, and view all the nominees here.