Steve Jobs Ripped Off Mad TV

In honor of today's announcement of Apple's new product (I still think iSlate has a nicer ring to it), I figured it was only fitting to bring you your Freaky Friday Fun one day early because if you don't see it here, you're apt to see it somewhere else (if you haven't seen it already). First though, my thoughts on the iPad: not overly impressed. Basically it's a jumbo iPod touch. Okay, that's great, but for some reason I thought it was going to be an eReader first and foremost ... or maybe that was just wishful thinking. The idea of the eReader, of course, is to present a product that will not strain a reader's eyes, like -- oh I don't know -- looking at a computer monitor. Which the iPad basically is. Not that I'm saying I'm not interested in checking it out once it makes its eventual appearance at my local Apple Store, but I haven't placed a preorder just yet.

An upside, though, is that it would be great for viewing graphic novels and other comics, so there's that to consider.

Anyway, over a decade ago Mad TV did a spoof on what they called -- yep, you guessed it -- the iPad. Enjoy.