Motownphilly Back Again

As a reminder I’ll be participating in a reading at Big Blue Marble Bookstore tonight between 7-9 pm along with Barry Graham, Randall Brown, Curtis Smith, Scott Oliver, Drew Kalbach, Daniel Wallace, and Peter Schwartz. Thank you to Lisa and Jeff D. for humoring me last week and suggesting I read "Superman's Dead." I was all for it until I actually tried to read that story out loud and realized that because it's second person it will most likely be too confusing.

So what will I read? I'm not sure yet. But remember if all goes according to plan, my wife will be coming with me and will videotape my reading using the Qik application on my phone, so anyone can view it live on my Qik page. I’ll post something on Twitter and Facebook a few minutes before it goes live. When exactly, I don’t know, but sometime between 7 and 9.

Of course, if you are in the area, stop by!