I Was Soooooo Wrong

Remember how yesterday I said I wouldn't be surprised if no big special guests showed up at Conan O'Brien's show near Philadelphia? Well, the man's mega star power does not disappoint. The opening act was Reggie Watts, who was friggin' hilarious. Check out this satirical music video that may not be for everyone, considering that it's called "Fuck Shit Stack." Then sometime later Trey Anastasio came out, whose name didn't mean anything to me as I've never been a Phish fan, but he played a song, plus appeared again when everyone came out for two more songs for the encore. But the highlight of the evening is without a doubt when Conan brought out the Chuck Norris Lever, which he said legally he could no longer call the Chuck Norris Lever, so he called it something else, and to help him, he introduced the one and only Tina Fey:


So yeah. Good times, good times.