Attention, Attention

Tonight my wife and I head down to Philly to see Conan O'Brien on one of his many stops on his tour. We're big fans of Conan, saw him live many times when he was doing Late Night in New York, and once, because we were in the front row, I even got to shake his hand when he came out before the show to greet the audience (yeah, that's right). There have been special guest appearances all along this tour (Jim Carrey appeared twice, once dressed at Superman, another time as Kick Ass), but I won't be surprised if there are no wild special guests at this show (I mean, who mega famous lives around Philadelphia?). Doesn't matter, though, because it's friggin Conan O'Brien!!!

I didn't post a Freaky Friday Fun video last week, mostly because I couldn't find anything I liked, but also because I'm starting to become bored with the whole thing. Maybe I'll keep it up, maybe I'll abandon it completely, but for the time being here's a video of Conan's show when he was in New York City and Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart popped up on stage: