I Heart NPR

They say all publicity is good publicity, but when it comes from Scott Simon and the kind folks at NPR, it's extraordinary publicity. Take for instance that, from what I can tell, the Weekend Edition Saturday article has been shared by over 1,800 people on Facebook (and that number keeps going up every day). So NPR has definitely helped spread the word about the concept of Hint Fiction and the anthology itself. But that's not all. Just this week they included the anthology in their special series "New In Paperback: The Week's Outstanding Softcover Releases."

What's more, I learned today from my editor that Norton is already doing a second printing. So for those of you who like to collect first editions, you better hurry. In fact, Amazon has lowered the price for both the paperback and the Kindle editions (currently $8.54 each), but I urge you to also consider purchasing a copy from your local independent bookstore. If you do, I'll send you a copy of Eight Hints as thanks. Of course, no matter where you purchase the book, if you've read it and enjoyed it please consider posting a review at Amazon. It'll make my publicist happy.