The Friday Five

It's late and I'm tired but I wanted to update you quick on a few things so I'm going to do it Sean Lovelace style:

  1. Tonight I will be in Philadelphia at the Big Blue Marble Bookstore along with Randall Brown, Frank Byrns, John Cashman, Bruce Harris, Minter Krotzer and Don Lee to read and discuss Hint Fiction. It starts at 7 pm. I'm told there will be wine and cheese.
  2. Tobias Carroll reviewed the Hint Fiction anthology at Vol. 1 Brooklyn.
  3. Monday I'm being interviewed by Sean Moncrieff of Newstalk, Ireland's independent talk radio station. It's a live interview so I'm sure I'll mess something up. Starts at 3:30 pm there, 10:30 am here.
  4. Anyone else getting sick of me talking about Hint Fiction? Next week I hope to do a total non Hint Fiction post.
  5. I haven't done a Freaky Friday Fun video in awhile, so I thought I would leave you with this amusing dashboard cam DUI faux pas (my favorite part is the cop just standing idly by, not concerned at all).