Computer Warriors!

Man, does this take me back. A big thanks to Z. Constance Frost for pointing me in the right direction (Charles Gramlich was close with his guess). But silly me -- it wasn't a show so much as a one-time VHS movie. Here's what Wikipedia has to say:

Computer Warriors was a toy line made by Mattel from 1989-1990. The storyline behind the toys involves a top-secret government computer which unleashes evil Virus troops. These troops, led by Megahert, hide in everyday household objects and have the goal of world domination by taking control of computers. The government computer then produces good soldiers, the Computer Warriors, led by Romm to battle the Virus troops. The Computer Warriors tagline ran "Expect the unexpected!"

Unlike many toylines of the time, Computer Warriors did not feature a tie-in animated series. There was only a single pilot episode, Computer Warriors: The Adventure Begins, which was later released on VHS. Directed by Bill Kroyer (who also co-wrote with Carl Macek) it featured his signature style of integrating wireframe CGI with traditional hand-drawn animation.

Of course, I was only nine years old at the time, so I remember the toys much more than the movie (speaking of which, how uncreative was that marketing department? "What should we call these things?" "I don't know. How about 'Computer Warriors'?" "That sounds cheesy." "I know. So let's go sell some toys!"). Anyway, thanks to the almighty YouTube, everyone can experience the movie again. Here's part one: