Tron Trivia

There was once a time when I visited IMDb daily and kept up with movie news. That time has long since past, but I still visit every once in awhile, usually to check up on a particular movie or TV show. And my favorite part is always the trivia section, those little tidbits that can be interesting and sometimes can be confusing and you always wonder just how these trivia bits got there. From what I can tell, it's like Wikipedia, and anybody can contribute. So it really makes you wonder about this nifty piece of trivia I found regarding the original TRON movie:

Jeff Bridges produced too much of a bulge in the crotch area in his computer outfit, so he was forced to wear a dance belt to conceal it.

So now you know.

Also, does anyone remember a cartoon from the 90's with these computer viruses that manage to escape a computer and hide in a kid's bedroom, turning his toys into weapons? If so, what was it called?

Now I wanted to post some kind of video from the original TRON, like the trailer or even the Lightbike scene. Instead, I leave you with a very important message from Tron Guy.